Four Ways To Attract New Customers To Your Pest Control Business Online

By Chris Keenan on November 9, 2018

Your pest control business model most likely focuses on retaining repeat customers but also acquiring new customers. How do you remain relevant online with online marketing?

This question can be personal between each pest control company and could come down to many factors, both online and offline. We are here to focus on the online portion.

Below are some ways to attract your target customers online:

Create compelling paid ads focused on your geographic location and local demographics

Google Ads lets you get as specific as you need for your ads and even down to individual ad groups and where you place them. If you find you are now getting calls from a specific demographic (i.e. a younger crowd has recently moved into the area over the years) you may want to create a campaign focused on their needs as well.

You still want to keep ads that have worked for your current demographic over the years, but it may be great to consistently update and add new ad campaigns as things change in your target area of business.

Publish previous reviews on social media accounts and your website

Reviews are important to any business. Sometimes, no matter how much you try to differentiate yourself as the best of pest control, people may not listen. But, people will always listen to outside reviews or take them into consideration because it comes from someone who has experience being on the recipient end of your pest control operations.

It may be hard to gain a review without asking, but there is nothing wrong with asking sometimes. Place reviews on your social media pages, website, and any other platform that you can find customers on.

Create an offer that is competitive with local pest control competition

You need to stay competitive as a pest control operations. You are up against potential local pest control businesses as well as the large name companies as well. To stand apart, you need to do competitor research to see what they are offering. You will not be remaining competitive if you cannot offer something similar or better than the local competition.

It may seem hard to give away something at a discount or for free, whether you are just starting out or it is the slow part of the year, but having customers still interested and paying is better at a discount than potential new customers forming a business relationship with another company–losing continued service costs.

Create a great user-experience for your customers online

New customers need to be able to gather as much information about your pest control business to make a decision. Having a very clean and up-to-date website is the first step. This includes having a good load speed, simplified website, and being able to easily navigate it to any information needed.

More advanced steps would be making sure any other outside websites such as social media pages are easily found, adding a blog for added information as a thought-leader, and making promotions and reviews easily navigated on their own pages or prominently on the front page. You do not need a website that is too “busy” or hard to read through. Simplicity is key.