Four Best Strategies For Pest Control Marketing

By Chris Keenan on January 18, 2018

Pest control marketing seems easy enough. You have pests controllers, people need pest controllers, so the market should be there.

While this is absolutely true and that pests are a necessary evil on the planet, there is still a strategy and a need for marketing, even in niches where the business is inevitable.

There may be pests, but there is also more than one pest controller in most towns and you want your pest control business to be the standout amongst the competition. Marketing should not stop at just showing the local community you are there and should be more calculated and researched than simply waving a sign and saying “Use me as your trusted pest controller.”

Below are four way to implement the best strategy for your pest control marketing

Know your local demographics

It is great to want to dream big and try to be like the big names in pest control, but what about your own local community? You cannot base prices and offer services if they do not meet the needs of the community in which you serve.

An example may be not servicing a pest you know is a very prominent pest in your area or only offering your services until 4 pm when you know your community is a 9-5 working class community that may need pest control beyond your schedule.

Obviously, not every factor in your business can be determined solely by the community, but you need to understand the demographic to schedule, price, and meet the needs of the customers.

Evaluate your current marketing efforts

Are you already marketing your pest control business but not seeing a return? It might be good to look at the analytics and change things up a bit. You might be doing something really simple like placing ads in the wrong areas, using Google Ads paid marketing but scheduling for times when your community is not looking at your ads–and wasting valuable money. Or, you might not be bidding properly to get people to see your business.

Looking at your current efforts and seeing where you are coming up short is a great marketing strategy to consistently be looking at and adapting.

Create a comprehensive plan to reach desired customers

While looking and making note of short-comings is the first step, creating a comprehensive plan to improve your marketing should be step two.

Look at what times your ads are being seen by customers and increase your budget for those times. Look at what tangible pieces of marketing are really going over well such as coupons and what you may no longer need to use. You can also start to see if new tactics such as email marketing may need to be implemented to keep your pest control business and the forefront of your customer’s thoughts.

Make all marketing client-focused

In the end, it’s your clients that keep your pest control operations alive, so make sure the marketing is client-focused to get them in the door. Simple things such as making the ads localized to each town in your service area, all the way to personalized holiday or birthday reminders to your customers are both client-focused approaches to your marketing.

If you were up against another company that did not take this specialized approach to their marketing, you’d stand out because of the local and client-forward way you present your business.

If you take these four strategies into consideration, you will be well on your way to ensuring that your pest control business is the local company that everyone will want to use for their pest control needs.