Five Tips For Increased Paid Marketing Success

By Chris Keenan on February 17, 2018

Paid marketing is a very valuable tool for companies both large and small. Whether you have a one-million dollar or a one-hundred dollar pest control budget, each holds importance on Google Ads and other paid marketing platforms.

What many businesses need to remember is that paid marketing is never a “set and forget” type of business endeavor. It requires upkeep, analytical thinking, and care. You are putting money towards paid marketing, hence the name, so why not give it the attention it needs?

If you are still feeling like you created a paid campaign but are not seeing the success you would like, then maybe you are not approaching it in the way your business needs paid marketing to be approached. It is not a one-size fits all type platform, and each business is unique in the process.

Need some beginner steps on how to increase your paid marketing success? Here are five tips for paid marketing you do not want to miss out on implementing:

Take The Time To Research Your Niche

You have a business so you may think you understand the needs of your customers, but have you updated your information lately? This is not only for Google Ads, but just a good business practice in general.

The internet has a wealth of knowledge you can look at just by clicking a few buttons. Researching question platforms such as Quora or Reddit can be a great starting point to understand your target audience and their pain-points, which can help you create a marketing campaign, including ads, location targeting, and scheduling aimed at the target demographic and what they are looking for.

You may also come to find that while you have focused on a certain demographic for so long, that another demographic may also be interested in your product or service as well–and creating a need for you to create a new plan to tap into the newly acquired demographic.

There are many different ways your target audience may have changed since you opened your business or last did a thorough audit of your marketing, so make sure to make this a regular check-in to then be used for paid marketing efforts.

Build Out a Robust Google Ads Campaign

What do we mean by robust? Well, for starters, it should include multiple ad campaigns filled with specific information and leading to a specific landing page on your website.

Taking this statement into smaller segments may mean if you own a dress store, that each different style of dress be the main ad campaign, with different variations of that dress being ad groups, and then creating keywords based on the type of dress and specific style.

This also may mean taking the information you acquired when researching your niche and creating an ad schedule based on when you know your customers look the most, bidding on keywords properly based on insights via Google Adwords interface, and then making sure you are targeting the right areas you want to reach with the ads you have created.

A step further would also mean creating a specific landing page for each individual dress you want to advertise for and building a web page filled with insightful information, a call-to-action, and keywords that match the ad leading to the page.

You can interchange dresses with any product or service and the steps would still remain almost identical.

Attach Google Analytics for Added Data

Google Ads has a wealth of information regarding people responding to your ads when they are clicking them, how much you are paying, and insights on competitors, but it has its short-comings.

This is where Google Analytics comes in. You can now see more depth in the demographics of your target audience and where they are coming from. You may see that your audience is split 45% female and 55% male or that your audience for your business is coming mostly from Chicago and to perhaps put more money towards that geographic location.

On the flip-side, for those unfamiliar with the Google Ads set-up, you may be a brick-and-mortar store and see that you are getting a lot of traffic and perhaps clicks from a town or city you do not service. You are then able to take this negative information and mitigate a costly situation.

Google Analytics takes Google Ads top-level information and gives it more depth so that you can always know who you are writing for and targeting when you create ad copy, web-pages, and make adjustments to your campaigns.

Incorporate Search Engine Optimization Efforts Into Paid Marketing

A great way to increase the success of paid marketing is to increase your search engine optimization efforts.

When connected to paid marketing, search engine optimization can have some monetary effects if you incorporate them into your paid marketing.

Creating ads does not just mean writing a quick ad to get people to your website. It also requires some research on key phrases you should include that are searched by your audience. Taking this and attaching it to a web-page that also has the same relevant keywords can reward you with paying lower per click because of the quality of your ad.

Google rates ads from a scale of 1-10, if you rate from roughly 7-10, Google will have you pay less for a keyword as compared to someone who rates 1-3 and has an ad connected to a webpage with little quality, making them pay for a lower quality ad for that same keyword.

Update Regularly as Demand and Need Change For Your Business

One of the simplest steps is often overlooked, which is simple upkeep to your paid pest control marketing.

Now, this does not mean just checking in and looking that everything is running well, this also means updating ads, bids, and looking at analytics.

You may have three ads under an ad group doing really well, but you also may have three more that are not doing as well. Pausing and recycling the ad information by writing a new and improved ad is looked at as a positive in Google’s eyes and also allows you to re-purpose content that may have gone stale.

Just as Google appreciates websites being updated regularly and awards them with added Google rankings and other value, Google Ads upkeep has the same effect.

Paid marketing success does not need to seem so far away. Taking the time to know and target your audience while also approaching paid marketing as an ever-evolving effort is a great way to balance the long-term goals and short-term gains you can create with Google Ads and other paid marketing efforts.