Email Marketing for Pest Control Companies

By Chris Keenan on July 20, 2017

Sometimes, even sending one email can be daunting for pest control companies, but sending multiple? It may send shivers up your spine–especially when your main goal isn’t to send emails but to keep homes pest-free.

While it is easy to shrug your shoulders and move forward, email marketing can be a great way to keep customers interested and coming back to your business.

Email marketing also is an easy way for customers to pass information along to friends and family who you can easily net as new customers if you are consistent and professional in your email marketing. Below are a few ideas of successful email marketing tactics to use when keeping relevant to old customers and trying to grab new ones.

Email referral programs:

Referal programs are not as hard to set up as one may think. Having a disclaimer on your emails you send out to past customers about discounts when referring others to your pest control company as well can be a great way to get new and old clients looking at your business again.

Having a link in your email with a form to fill out and requiring the email of the referral can help you target new clients based on their relationships with old customers and ensures old customers will use you again by offering a discount or perk of some sort.

Seasonal pest newsletters:

Not all emails need to be lined with perks. Sometimes, information is enough for old customers to pick up the phone and be proactive. Having simple reminders of the potential next pests based on the season or reasons why you should be scheduling treatments in preparation for certain pests can be both a great way to teach your customers a bit about pest threats and also a way to get them to pick up the phone and give you a call.

Knowledge is power and due to the fact that many who are not pest controllers do not know much about pests and their threats, giving them this opportunity to learn via their email inbox is both beneficial for them and you as the pest control business.

A periodic repurpose of your website content:

Email marketing can be done in a way where you are just consolidating your website into an email you send to your customers on a semi-regular basis. Maybe there is a link to your latest blog, a coupon, a look at what specials you are running. Any combination of things that are already on your website can be used for a successful email marketing campaign.

Having a website is key, but sometimes it is a vast space for new and old customers to find any information to get them calling again, but placing it all within an email is a great way for an old customer to start thinking about another pest treatment soon or sending the email along to a friend who may need it as well. It is a convenient way to disseminate all main points you want to get across from your website into an email without creating new content or ideas.

If all else fails, go old school with tangible marketing

Take the E out of email and go old school. Sending out true mail these days may seem old hat but it is still worthwhile in the marketing realm. Why am I stating this if our main goal is to teach about online marketing? Well, having a mailer sent out can still get people to your website and social media platforms as well.

You are just placing the card as a reminder in their mailbox, but it still should list social platforms, websites, and any information to get them back online to set up an appointment or just catch up with your pest control business again. It’s old school, but because it is rarely done much anymore, it may be a good mix of email marketing and old school marketing.

It is always wise to see what works with your own personal pest control customer base with email marketing. There are best practices but never a one-size-fits-all approach because each pest control operation is unique with a different customer base.