Don’t Do Pay-Per-Click Marketing By Yourself & Why It’s Smart to Hire an Expert

By Chris Keenan on September 7, 2017

In prior blogs, we have discussed the importance of a paid marketing plan for pest controllers. While we gave a look at what is needed to do it on your own, what if you still aren’t completely comfortable with the idea? Should you continue to try and work through it to save money? Probably not.

We spoke last week on hiring an SEO expert, but what about paid marketing? Hiring on or outsourcing a PPC specialist may be your best option. You may need to pay them upfront, but the amount that you can get from having a specialist doing the pay-per-click marketing for you will bring in a surplus.

Do-it-yourself type work may save you money in some instances, but for PPC work, it’s best to leave it to the professionals if you aren’t clear as to what you are doing.

Here are some reasons why outsourcing is a great way to earn money instead of losing it with paid marketing for pest control businesses:

PPC specialists have the tools to create a marketing plan

When dealing with actual money, you don’t want to jump into Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) without a plan of action. Sure, you create an account, name a campaign, set a budget, and write some ads, right? Well, sort of, but for Google Ads specialists, these steps also include account organization so each campaign is specific to a product or service and then create ad groups and keywords even more micro–so you can track analytics better. It also includes finding keywords and adjusting bids so you are not spending too much on a word that just isn’t producing a great return.

Simply put, jumping into a PPC account and just setting up a very basic Google Ads campaign is going to get you a very basic return. You get what you pay for and hiring a PPC specialist can really be the difference between an actionable marketing plan and a marketing plan that will most likely fall short of expectations.

Bad ad copy can cost you if you don’t know what you are doing

Writing great ads is not a one step process. You need to do keyword research, make sure those keywords are on the web page connected to the ads and research what phrases result in the best return. As a pest controller, free inspection may result in more conversions than a coupon, or stating results guaranteed may sound better to customers than 24-hour emergency service available. These phrases, along with relevant keywords will help your ads rank better and you will get rewarded by Google for connecting relevant ads to web pages with those phrases on them.

If you do not have the means to do this, then hiring a PPC specialist can allow you to know ads will be written to the best quality.

Not knowing terminology can cost you money and clicks

CPC, CPA, conversions, impressions. All of these words mean something to Google Ads specialists, but without the proper knowledge, you may not know what you are reading and what metrics you should be hitting for each of these phrases. Impressions mean something completely different than clicks, but to those who are not trained in the terminology, they would not know which can be costly when trying to update or create a great marketing plan for each metric.

PPC specialists have the time to look through all the analytics

Time is key to any aspect of a job. As a pest controller, your time may be spent going to people’s homes or if you are a company manager, you are focused on the accounting and clerical ends of the pest control business. hiring a PPC specialist can free up your time from thinking about paid marketing and allow you to know that someone trained in the field will be doing the work for you instead.

Scheduling a quick check-in all daily, weekly, or monthly may be all you need to do on your end as a pest control business to ensure paid marketing is being completed and in the most efficient way by a PPC specialist.

You may feel confident that you can set up a pay-per-click account, but if you lack any confidence in properly setting it up for results, then your best bet may be to hire a professional.