Cleaning Up Your Website For Pest Control

By Chris Keenan on August 18, 2017

Having a website is a key part of any businesses success these days. Without a website, you may be overlooked for other pest controllers who have a website readily available to check for reviews, company information, and pest treatment options.

With that being said, there is a definite difference between simply having a website with all of your business information garbled on it and a very organized and thought-out website. Even though you may have a website, if you have not taken the steps to organize it, then you may also be overlooked for other pest control businesses with a more informative and clean website.

We are no longer in an era with the most basic website makes your company stand out from the rest and now organization and a thoughtful website build-out is key to any pest control operation. Below are suggestions on steps to take if you are creating your pest control businesses first website or what should be done to clean up an already existing website.

Each pest has its own page

While it may be easier to have one page dedicated to pest control as a whole, having each pest have it’s own web page is good for both organic and paid marketing.

For organic marketing, having a web page for each pest with optimized content about the pest itself as well as what your company does for that specific pest will help your rankings on search engines. Most customers are not looking to get their home treated for every pest, so individual pages can help you organically place on the search engines.

Paid marketing platforms work well with individual pest pages as well because Google, for example, rates and prices your keywords and ads based on how relevant they are to the website page you are landing the ads on. If you are ranking for the word “cricket” and link it to a very generic page, you will not do as well cost and rank wise as compared to ranking for the word “cricket” and sending the customer to a specific webpage for crickets.

Phone number is clear

How will customers reach you without a clear number for them to call? Some websites have contact information all the way at the bottom which has become frowned upon. If you are only offering customers a very discreet way to get in contact with you and they have to search for it, they will most likely go elsewhere and your bounce rate rises. Bounce rates cause Google to view your page as less quality than others which can affect your rank.

Keeping people engaged and on your page is key, so having a phone number they can call and ensuring they becoming a paying customer is a simple and effective way to increase your customer base.

Either having multiple instances of your phone number appearing on each web page or creating a contact page that is easy to navigate are two ways to organize your website.

Reviews are easily accessible

The argument than there is no shortage of ways to see a company’s reviews may be true when you have Google reviews, Yelp, and social media platforms. Having these reviews on your page and easily accessible is also a way to organize and optimize your website.

Your pest control reviews can help Google place you locally when on review sites but also on your site as well. If you have a review that says “XYZ pest control is an asset to the Houston area,” this sends Google a signal that you are in the Houston area and helps with local search marketing. Now, when someone types “pest control Houston,” your page has been marketed to that location.

Many think reviews are just good to help customers see if you are a reliable business or not and while that is very true, having them on your website in an easy and clean way also helps you rank on Google on their local platform.

Coupon and savings are visible

Savings can be the make or break of any future customer. If you and another pest controller offer the same price and perks, but your coupon is for $40 and theirs is for $35 then you have an edge. This only works if your website has coupons and savings listed multiple times and in a way that is not spammy but also easy to find.

If that customer did not see your $40 coupon, even though they would have saved more, they also didn’t know if your website did not have it stated in an easy-to-view type manner.

You don’t want to miss out being the winning pest controller based on the fact that your coupons are not placed prominently on your website so take the time to arrange them to be visible and entice customers.

How does this help pest control marketing?

Quality content, a clean website, and a clear sales funnel helps any pest controller out who has a website. If your website does not have all the major components to show what you do, how you do it, and why you are the best pest controller then people will just move on. We live in an instant gratification society, so having a clean and reliable website takes many steps out of the mix in marketing your pest control operations to your potential customers.