Checking In On Pest Control Customers is Good For PR & Marketing

By Chris Keenan on July 13, 2017

You may have treated their pest problem professionally and they loved working with your exterminator company, but time has passed and your name may have fallen into irrelevancy–even if the pest problem resurges.

Checking in on customers periodically in the form of an email just reminding them that you are there for their pest control needs is great for returning customers and indirectly a great piece of public relations and marketing.

You are reminding the customer that they are an integral part of your success and you have appreciated them in the past and still appreciate that they choose you as a pest controller.

Below are some reasons why a simple email marketing plan may be integral in checking in with old customers and turning into continued customers.

Emails are great way to get user reviews if they have never done so

It may be hard a pest control business to keep track of who have left reviews and who hasn’t been a periodic reminder in the form of a customer email or newsletter may spark their memory to leave you some feedback if you had a positive experience with your business.

It is an easy and personal way to explain to them that their feedback is valuable to you and the success of your business–both praise and constructive criticism. This indirectly increases your reviews which can place you in a higher ranking on Yelp or other review sites.

Emails are also a great way to slip in a coupon to get a return customer

Customers enjoy savings and being valued as a customer, so getting in touch with them via email after an extermination service with a coupon attached is a great way to make them feel like you are not just after their money and that their patronage meant a lot to you.

More often than not, customers will see the coupon and if they are not ready for the service soon, they will remember the savings when the time comes.

Emails are an easy way to go above and beyond what other companies do.

Many times, pest control businesses are there to do pest control and leave little room for public relations and marketing. Finding the time to set up a newsletter through MailChimp or other platforms to keep in touch with your valued customers would be a way to stand out from the competition.

Having a customer base is a key part of your success, but keeping in touch with them adds another layer to how they view you as a company in the long-run, whether or not they will refer you or a deciding factor as to whether they personally use your pest control services again.

How often should you send them?

There is no “one size fits all” idea of how often you should send an email. As a pest control business, you may want to send quarterly emails regarding the top pests of the season, with additional emails sent out for birthdays and holidays. Again, as long as you are keeping in touch with the customer and reminding them you are there as a professional pest controller, then you are doing what you need to do.

A final suggestion: using email marketing platforms can allow you to see how people are reacting to your emails. Are they opening them? Following through with the deal inside? Responding? These are great ways to re-evaluate current email marketing campaigns and improve.