Setting Up Shop As a Pest Control Business

By Chris Keenan on March 30, 2017

If you have ever wanted to become a pest control technician or create your own pest control company, you know that it takes a few–well, many–steps. Some may look at the steps and say “I don’t have the time or means,” but this should not deter you. Below is a very brief overview of the […]


Benefits of Teaching Your Customers About Pest Control

By Chris Keenan on March 23, 2017

You’re a pest control company, so your daily job is going out to residences and businesses and eliminating the pest problem they have. This is the number one portion of your job, but did you realize that you could also add a teaching component as well? What, a teacher? Yes, because there is nothing worse […]


How to Prepare For and Utilize Busy Months in Pest Control

By Chris Keenan on March 16, 2017

We’ve touched on how to deal with slow months as a pest control business, but what about the opposite side of the coin? Busy months are always welcomed within the pest control industry as they bring in the bulk of the yearly revenue and offer a constant stream of new business and potential new repeat […]


Why Having a Blog Helps Pest Control Companies

By Chris Keenan on March 9, 2017

The irony is that we are writing a blog about why blogs can help your company–and there is no coincidence in doing so. Sometimes, as a pest control company you may feel like you have nothing to say, don’t want to take the time to write a blog or feel like no one will actually […]


Why Same Day Service May Help Your Pest Control Company

By Chris Keenan on March 2, 2017

Many different businesses that respond to customers needs tend to offer same day service. Obviously, a fireman is not going to show up more than 24 hours later–let alone more than 24 minutes laters. The same idea goes for pest control companies as well who are here to help immediately get a pest situation under […]


Free Pest Inspection vs. Quote

By Chris Keenan on February 23, 2017

Another week and another battle between two ideas. We’ve discussed ideas such as live phone calls vs. automated forms, covering all pests or only specific ones, and other topics–so now let’s focus on the age old free inspection vs. free quote offer. Both offers can be ver helpful when trying to establish a new customer, […]


Can Pest Control Companies Succeed on Social Media?

By Chris Keenan on February 16, 2017

Social media plays a huge role in most companies these days. No longer is paid advertising, money mailers and billboards the main way to get the word out about your pest control business. Now, it is as simple as typing in the phrase “pest controller” or “local pest control company” and your business is out […]


How Many Pests Should You Cover?

By Chris Keenan on February 9, 2017

One of the biggest questions asked when starting up a pest control business is what pests should you work with? To some, the immediate answer would be “As many as possible,” but other pest controllers may ebb on the side of caution with covering too many pests. While you are ensuring you have the most […]


How to Properly Deal With a Negative Review

By Chris Keenan on February 2, 2017

A pest control business–like any business–strives to provide the best service out there. From the first phone call about a pest problem to the end payment, the service should always be superb. Unfortunately, misunderstandings happen, an employee has a bad day or a person is a little meticulous with their pest control services and outcomes. […]


What Can Pest Control Companies Do During Slow Seasons?

By Chris Keenan on January 26, 2017

The cold winter months can be hard for home businesses such as pest control companies. This downtime can mean less income than the busy season due to a lack of pests, but the downtime also means being proactive in making this year even better than the last. Here are some ways to utilize the slow […]