Hiring a Marketing Company For Your Pest Control Business

By Chris Keenan on June 1, 2017

Our last post focused on the idea that, as a pest control business, you should definitely have a marketing plan. But, what if you honestly do not have the time to sit down and write even the most basic one up? Luckily, marketing firms are out there to help you out in your time of […]


Why Your Pest Control Company Should Create a Marketing Plan

By Chris Keenan on May 18, 2017

We have recently covered a series of different marketing tactics to help pest control companies serve well on local searches. While this information can be helpful, the real question may be “Why is this important?” It may seem far off for pest control companies to believe that the operations and pest control itself are just […]


Local Search Website Optimization for Pest Control

By Chris Keenan on May 11, 2017

Our blog series has covered different ideas on how pest control businesses can optimize their online presence to help with their local search rankings. As a refresher, unlike search rankings on Google that are macro, local search ranking factors come into play when you want to target people in your immediate location. There are ways […]


Google My Business Profile For Pest Control Companies

By Chris Keenan on May 4, 2017

To continue our discussion on local search ranking, we are now moving onto the second biggest factor in local placement on search engines–a Google My Business account. MOZ stated Google My Business as being the second most important factor in local search rankings for its ability to place your business on a local map within […]


Link Building for Pest Control Companies

By Chris Keenan on April 27, 2017

Pest control companies want to do well in local online searches because without that extra boost, you may be missed when someone is looking for pest control in their area online. You may still be doing old-school type marketing like billboards, pamphlets, and signs posted around the neighborhood, but with searches switching to online, search […]


Local Business Ranking Factors For Pest Control

By Chris Keenan on April 20, 2017

You may think that online ranking factors do not play any role in your pest control company simply because that isn’t your line of work. Why should you care where you place on Google? In reality, there is a portion of ranking which deals with local search rankings or the kind of searches that appear […]


How to Keep Existing Customers Interested As A Pest Controller

By Chris Keenan on April 6, 2017

The hopes of any business, including pest control, is to consistently attract new customers. You put ads out, entice new customers with sign-on deals and market your company so that you are being reached by new people daily. The flip side of this is, how do you keep customers you have already served interested? Now, […]


Setting Up Shop As a Pest Control Business

By Chris Keenan on March 30, 2017

If you have ever wanted to become a pest control technician or create your own pest control company, you know that it takes a few–well, many–steps. Some may look at the steps and say “I don’t have the time or means,” but this should not deter you. Below is a very brief overview of the […]


Benefits of Teaching Your Customers About Pest Control

By Chris Keenan on March 23, 2017

You’re a pest control company, so your daily job is going out to residences and businesses and eliminating the pest problem they have. This is the number one portion of your job, but did you realize that you could also add a teaching component as well? What, a teacher? Yes, because there is nothing worse […]


How to Prepare For and Utilize Busy Months in Pest Control

By Chris Keenan on March 16, 2017

We’ve touched on how to deal with slow months as a pest control business, but what about the opposite side of the coin? Busy months are always welcomed within the pest control industry as they bring in the bulk of the yearly revenue and offer a constant stream of new business and potential new repeat […]