Why Having a Blog Helps Pest Control Companies

By Chris Keenan on March 9, 2017

The irony is that we are writing a blog about why blogs can help your company–and there is no coincidence in doing so. Sometimes, as a pest control company you may feel like you have nothing to say, don’t want to take the time to write a blog or feel like no one will actually read it. Contrary to these thoughts, having a blog opens doors to many opportunities and puts you at an advantage that non-blogging pest control companies just don’t say. Below are just a few examples of why you may want to take the time to write a blog–no matter how big or small it may be.

Drives Organic (Free) Traffic

Blogs will almost always drive traffic for multiple reasons. First, updating your website is a positive in Google’s eye and you can benefit from a small amount of organic website boosting from blogging. The climb is slow, but it can benefit over time. Beyond just Google Search, you have the ability to be found based on the keywords you place in your blog.

Make sure to do keyword research prior to blog posting to ensure you are putting the most relevant keywords into the blog and people are finding them. A quick way to do so is check out Google Ads Keyword Planner to show different keywords your customers are searching for. Remember, implement in a conversational way, not just trying to keyword stuff your blogs.

Allows You to be Expert in Your Field

If you have knowledge about pest control, then why not write about it? You may have a lot to say that could allow you to stand out as an expert in the field and a blog is the place to put it out there. Maybe you have knowledge of the best ways to exterminate bed bugs or have had success with a certain way of humanely trapping wildlife, both of which would interest the consumers you are trying to reach. Blogging can allow you to come across as an expert in your field as may be another feather in your cap when a customer is trying to pick the best pest control company to work with.

Engages the Customers

You may think customers are not interested in creepy crawlies, but you would be surprised at how much they want to know and be in a discussion about these types of subjects. Having a blog also means having a section for users to comment. Being able to openly discuss topics with your potential or current customers can make it less intimidating when it comes time for them to use you as a pest control company–as they have already spoken with you in a non-contractural type of way.

Exposes You on Multiple Platforms

What better way to share your blog then on social media pages? You may not think social media is a great platform for pest control companies either but there are many benefits to being on there as well. Social media can really help transport your blog beyond just your website and those who click on it through sponsored posts, hashtags and other key components to how information is shared among the platforms.

Increases your website capabilities

Most pieces on your pest website are static and don’t change very often–which is fine. Luckily, a blog can allow you to use your website for items other than promotions. Maybe you have changed the way you approach your pest control services such as offering organic treatment or want keep your customers updated on changes to your hours, service area, etc. No one will truly know that you changed something on your website as there are no alerts, but having a blog can help ensure more people will see your changes and even allows you to offer an explanation of the change too.

These are just a few of the reasons why your pest control business could benefit from starting a blog, but the list goes beyond the above stated. Don’t be shy to put your voice out there and take advantage of a platform to share your knowledge.