Best Promotional Material for Pest Control Businesses

By Chris Keenan on April 18, 2018

Pest control businesses can benefit greatly from marketing to boost their business exposure to their intended customers. You might not be sure where to start but coming up with a marketing campaign, how much you should be paying, or many other questions and considerations. This is where it might be good to get a general idea of the best places or avenues to take when creating a marketing plan.

A mix of paid and organic marketing is the best way to balance your costs and get the greatest bang for your buck. As pest controllers, you are in a market with a harder sell for many avenues of marketing, but you are also at a great advantage because if done correctly, your marketing endeavors can pay off greatly.

Below are some starting points when considering where your efforts and costs will go when promoting your pest control operations:

Google Ads Paid Marketing

You can’t go wrong with Google Ads when it comes to marketing. Pest control marketing, especially, can benefit from the capabilities on the Google Ads platform.

You not only can gauge your ads to different pages on your website, but also create ad schedules, test ad variations, and create targeting specific to your service area.

Google Ads is a great booster for your company and can help people on Google find you. It also allows for more urgent responses with Call Only ads which allow you to immediately call the businesses phone number from your phone.


Local sponsorships can help pest controllers get involved with their community and also offer benefits in return. For non-online sponsorships, a local softball team may promote your business from a banner or through their social media channels.

Another way sponsorships help is online-based in which the company being sponsored offers you a link to your website which can boost your domain authority on Google–giving you more of a badge of confidence and (potentially) boosting your placement on Google search.

Tangible Marketing Collateral

Beyond online marketing, tangible marketing still works as long as you get a feel for your audience and where they are looking. It will not make sense to put out tangible advertisements.

If you feel that a lot of your customers say they saw your ad in a local business page, then it may make sense to take out ads in different platforms. If you see that competitors are placing ads on billboards and you believe that will benefit you as well, then researching your own client-base will be the best way to spend money correctly.

Unlike online ads, tangible ads need a little bit of TLC and forethought to be successful. But, because people are not using them as much, there is an advantage to standing out and using the old-school approach.

Social Media Accounts

Pests may not seem social media friendly, but social media platforms are still a great place for your business for a multitude of reasons. You can place a new promotion going on, get customer testimonials and reviews on your social pages, and engage with your local community. You can also promote “knowledge” on these pages as well and create yourself as the expert and authority in pest control in your local area to differentiate from the competition.

Posting pictures of pests may not be what you end up doing on social media, but it is still a viable and relatively low-cost approach to marketing.

These are just a few ways in which pest control businesses can promote their business. Each marketing tactic should always be assessed against budget, customer needs, and ability to create the marketing plan successfully. Not sure if you can do it yourself? Don’t feel bad and make sure to find a lead generation or marketing firm you feel comfortable using for your marketing needs.