Why It’s Beneficial to Hire An SEO Expert for Pest Control

By Chris Keenan on August 31, 2017

SEO or “search engine optimization” has become a huge buzz word in the world of marketing. Even ten years ago, some people would scratch their heads and say ask what it was.

Now, SEO has become a major part of any businesses success as it gives them more exposure, along with paid marketing efforts. It also gives the ability for a business to not put all their eggs in one marketing basket and gives a balance between paid and organic marketing and both complement each other.

Can SEO be done by yourself? Absolutely. Should you, as a pest control business, do it yourself? Maybe.

Search engine optimization is not just doing one thing for your marketing but requires many different moving parts to be successful. If you have a clear handle on it, then, by all means, start your SEO efforts. If you are shaky, then you may be better off hiring an SEO specialist.

We spoke on why hiring a PPC specialist can help, but now here are reasons why outsourcing for your SEO efforts may net you more in the long run:

SEO experts understand keyword research

Keyword research is one of the biggest components of SEO. Without great keywords, your website won’t place well on Google. Reasons for keywords being detrimental if not researched correctly are both because you are lacking the relevant keywords to your pest control business, but also the keywords you may be using are irrelevant and you will get docked by Google for not having a relevant website being connected to your paid marketing tactics, which can be costly.

Having an SEO expert can ultimately save you money in the long-run by ensuring you are not spending more than needed on keywords.

Change in SEO happens drastically and they are updated on changes

SEO has changed dramatically since it began and now in 2019 the rules have changed so much. What used to be allowed is no longer, what used to work now does not have as much power in SEO.

As a pest controller, your main focus is not on marketing, even if you want it to be. You are focused on getting your technicians out, keeping track of the business itself, and other tasks. Hiring an SEO expert will allow you to know someone is keeping up to date on SEO trends and implementing them onto your website and other marketing endeavors. You will not have to find time in your day to brush up on SEO because you have an expert already keeping everything up to date for you.

Small and avoidable mistakes can cost you big money

You may have forgotten H1 tags on your websites, a link is broken, keywords are wrong, or there is a hidden strand of code causing your website not to place well–or is malware. You wouldn’t know any of this by simply doing a quick sweep over a website, but having an SEO expert crawling your website regularly, doing research, and deep-diving into all the pages to optimize them will ensure no costly mistakes are occurring while you are busy focusing on your pest control business.

Even one little mistake can keep you off of Google’s rankings and cost you organic reach to customers.

SEO experts can analyze the data

Let’s face it, even if you take the time to learn how to understand SEO and implement it, you may still scratch your head when the data comes in. There are a lot of moving parts to SEO and you may not completely know whether what you are looking at is good or bad analytics. Spending a little extra money to hire an SEO expert will allow you to have someone to read the data, adjust your organic marketing approach as needed, and get you the return you need to have a high ranking business website and get customers to come to your page and request your pest services.

Search engine optimization is a sector of marketing that is constantly changing and still a very involved portion of anyone’s marketing efforts. Unlike PPC, SEO takes a long time to formulate, so you should invest your long-term plans with someone who knows the skills to get you great results.